Depraved Awakening

Depraved Awakening turns out to be a visual detective novel where you require dealing with an extremely gloomy, but simultaneously dangerous investigation. Well, you are welcome to taste an absorbing story, a couple of endings, not to mention a non-linear plot that will hold you tight. However, apart from gloomy and dark things, you are also expected to have a lot of sex. It’s the most pleasant side of the investigation, isn’t it?

The events of the game occur in an ordinary big city.

The whole plot is built around an experienced detective. He was assigned a crucial investigation the day before. The day after the client’s appeal, the latter is discovered dead. Our hero makes up his mind to find the murderer. Otherwise, the detective will be endangered.

The gameplay is very simple. Here everything is built around relationships between personages. When conducting your investigation, you will have to interrogate girls and certainly get some sweet services from them.