The developers of the CoolButt managed to please the fans with the new adventures of the sexy Butt. Such a brave traveler, a lover of adventure, who set off for an adventure between galaxies, has not been known yet. The greedy butt is known for her love of jewelry.

She doesn’t neglect gold as well as other precious stuff. Just like a crow she’s used to grabbing everything shiny. The but likes to hang around in the distant corners of the universe. After it, the inhabitants of the planets suddenly find out that everything has been stolen by the butt. They wished they had protected their property properly.

The Butt runs into an asteroid

Once the Butt ran into an asteroid. Her spacecraft crashed and she found herself in the middle of an unknown galaxy. So, she can’t steal jewelry any longer. She has to think about her salvation. Several planets are covered with the fragments of her spacecraft. To repair the spacecraft, she has to collect all the fragments. Otherwise, the sexy Butt will have to remain in this galaxy forever.